The Universal Relative

It was 1995, and I’d just started college. My college was a nice little place near the Arabian sea. No words can describe the goodness of college life — pretty girls, fast cars, food, parties, madness, fun, and all of that. That which can be told.

I made some really good friends in the first years itself and one of them is going to ring in your head for long, as he’s doing in my head.

आयो लाल, झूलेलाल — let’s begin!

Suraj Kalwani was one of the first friends I made in college. He’s also my first Sindhi friend and later became my tutor. I used to give him Hindi songs and he would translate it for me; this is how I learned a little this language.

He was a very artistic boy, and later he pursued his dream. He’s now a successful businessman and owns a film studio in Mumbai. But the path was not easy. He has seen a lot of challenges in life; as we all do.

My life has been quite cool. But coming back to Suraj, one big thing happened in his life while in college. No, no not love affair or breakup, something different. Something you can’t even imagine — we all call him MAMA.

Mama mia!

MAMA in Hindi means uncle. But how did he get this name? It’s a funny story. In 1998, Satya hit Bollywood and made it huge. There was a character n the film by the name of KALLU MAMA. Friends used to fondly call my fiend KALLU; that derived from his surname. Then, I started calling him KALLU MAMA and eventually gave up KALLU to just call him MAMA.

Now, this name spread in the college like fire. Everyone, including girls and teachers, started calling him Mama. It was awkward but Suraj always took this is a sporty spirit. This is one blunder that I’m apologetic for and would even like to do an atonement; if I get a chance.

But, since 1998, the entire world calls his MAMA.

Nevertheless, he’s a man of honor. He has a scary, hairy, sorry, a warm heart that’s full of beer, sorry love.

Too many mistakes today!

Whatever it’s, MAMA, I love you and just want to let you know that you’re a wonderful person; from INSIDE and outside. You’re the only one who’s living the UNIVERSE IS ONE FAMILY philosophy of ancient India. You’ve become everyone’s and everyone has become yours — a divine and universal relation.


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