The Queen of Good Times

Some memories are gone, some remain. Some memories are joy, some are pain. Some memories are hurtful desert, some are rain.

I found one memory — in the form of human — after 22 years. Do you know WTF am I talking about?

No, you don’t.

You wouldn’t because you don’t care.

You’re selfish.

Just like me.

But she?

Do you know WTF am I talking about?

I’m talking about her.

I’m talking about my good-old school friend Anju Bhatt; from batch 1995. I lost all touch with her since I passed out from that colorful school life.

I thought that the ultra-colorful college life and uber-cool professional life will make me forget everything.

But, it didn’t happen.

At least for 22 years, after school.

But the heart was longing somewhere deep inside to reconnect with the long-lost ones.  And I finally found most of them — including her — through a WhatsApp group we made in 2017.

She was a heartthrob in school, a beauty-bomb in college, and is still a queen of hearts in the present. A close school friend told me that she was the ROSE QUEEN in the first-year junior college itself.


She’s always laughing.

She’s always shining.

She’s always killing it.

She’s a mother of two cute little children but the child in her is still younger than the children’s age. I admire her joyful attitude and her curly hair.


BTW, I can’t take my eyes off the above photograph. It’s a stunning image of an Indian woman.

She has led a challenging life after school but she came out victorious. She was always focused and hence she always made it to her destination; almost. There’re secret dreams she has shared with me and I’m sure they’ll realize sometime soon.

Anju is one woman who has a deep impact on my heart. Her journey of life can inspire a million ordinary and aspiring people like me.

She always shining and hence, the same close school friend I mentioned, has named her MOONSHINE.

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