Homeschooling: The New Age Learning Tool

Homeschooling is an alternative option for education. There're a lot of reasons for this. One is since their children get the customized education that the parents want them to. The concept The education is geared around the child and will work towards their strengths and help them with their weaknesses. The parents get to spend … Continue reading Homeschooling: The New Age Learning Tool

Your Child Is a Slow Learner Not Dumb

In our society, the term SLOW LEARNER is generally regarded in a critical sense. Due importance isn’t given to SLOW LEARNERS, and the situation is considered to be the result of a child’s mischief and obstinacy. Negative comments such as disinterested, dreamy, loser, dumb affect a child’s learning process and result in a dark future for children. … Continue reading Your Child Is a Slow Learner Not Dumb

Good Marks In a Subject Doesn’t Mean an Interest In It

Recently, I got an opportunity to guide a bright student at our community learning center in Mumbai. A lot of school students get mentored here for various subjects. There was this particular girl who was quite confused on choosing her study field in college. She got 90+ marks in science and mathematics, and everyone is … Continue reading Good Marks In a Subject Doesn’t Mean an Interest In It

Inspire Your Child to Draw

Recently, I visited a friend and his little daughter drew me. I'm so thrilled at this drawing. It’s really interesting how little children visualize the world. They depict the reality better than anyone else. Drawing is so important for children. From drawing a stick figure to putting splashes of color from the paint on their … Continue reading Inspire Your Child to Draw

100 Ways to Have Fun With Your Children

I thought it would be useful to list some ways to have fun with your children without spending a lot of money: Have a reading marathonWrite stories togetherPlay soccerPaint or draw togetherCreate a fort in your living room out of blankets or cardboard boxesGo on a hikeHave a sunset picnic at a park or beachPlay … Continue reading 100 Ways to Have Fun With Your Children

Tips to Inspire Your Children

Remember when you were a child and you dreamed you could be anything? Anything and everything seemed possible. Now you're on the other side, and you see that same free spirit in your children. As parents, we can recognize our children’s strengths and potential but don’t always appropriately encourage them to make big dreams, accomplish … Continue reading Tips to Inspire Your Children

52 Things You Can Do With Your Child Without Going to a Mall

Are you a parent who wants to spend quality time with your child but don’t know what to do other than going to a mall? If yes, I've got some good information for you. I've carefully put up something you can do with your child every week; the way my parents did with me. I'm … Continue reading 52 Things You Can Do With Your Child Without Going to a Mall

Don’t Stop Your Child From Doing This

Don't stop your child because every child is a genius and is gifted. It's only about realizing that gift, and parents can be instrumental in doing so — big-time! I visited Ranjit Jha for a project and got quite inspired by the walls in his home. He never stops his child from painting the walls. … Continue reading Don’t Stop Your Child From Doing This

The Art and Craft of Parenting

Parenting is the ultimate long-term investment. Be ready to put far more into it than you get out of it, at least for some time. Given the construction and pressures of contemporary Indian society, the happiness of couples falls the minute they become parents. And it, sometimes, gets worse before it gets better. In the long run, … Continue reading The Art and Craft of Parenting

10 Little Things Good Parents Do

Raising children demands a vast set of complex skills that can’t be distilled into a top 10 list. Check it out: Listen to your childDo something familiarKiss your partner in front of your childRead togetherTouch your childLaugh during a tense momentFind one important thing about your childDo random acts of kindness togetherBe compassionateTeach the importance … Continue reading 10 Little Things Good Parents Do

Parents Are the Best Teachers

Parents are the ones accountable for providing the needs of their children like love, attention, support, material things, and most of all knowledge. Parents are certainly the best teacher of their children; they give knowledge in several ways: First, they’re the ones who train their child to talk at an early age. Mama, Papa was the … Continue reading Parents Are the Best Teachers

Self-Compassion In Children

Over the years, there has been a tremendous emphasis in our society on building children’s self-esteem. I think it’s high time, we should be teaching children how to develop self-compassion instead. The problem is that self-confidence is often developed by social comparison, meaning it needs a person to feel special and superior to others on … Continue reading Self-Compassion In Children