Iranian Chatterbox

With less than around 50 Iranian restaurants left in Bombay stamped Mumbai, it’s very rare to find an old Iranian uncle.

I was quite lucky to find this place and have a quick chat with the owner. He wasn’t talkative but at least we came to know his name — Golom Irani. I wanted to know more about him but I guess, it was not a good day.

Golom means flower in Iranian.

This was the first and last thing as far as I remember. So, don’t worry, I’ll come back to get his story.

But no!

Please don’t think that he never said us anything; not from his speaking tool on the face but the wrinkles on his face, his white hairs and the little glint in his eyes said many things, many.

His whole existence spoke so much that I feel, no words would have done justice. Never mind the sound and language, the silence told it all. To some, he might be an introvert or a silent man but to me, he was the loudest of all, the perfect chatterbox among all humans!

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