I Write On Others, She’s the First to Write on Me




I don’t have words to describe here, so I don’t think I am going to continue writing this blog post. I’ll collect some words and get back.

But wait!

I’m a story-teller and I can weave a story with or without words. It’s all about expression right?

But this lovely woman surpasses the beyond at many levels. She’s the epitome of struggle, victory, and inspiration.

Guess what?!

Naaz is also a dear friend from the past glory — school days. The fun is that we never met in school but we met two decades later when some of us connected through a WhatsApp group.

As a story-teller, I keep meeting a lot of people and writing about them here on my blog but she’s the first who — in friend circle — who wrote about me.


I don’t know if I’m worthy of such beautiful words but it’s not unusual to hear it. I’ve heard good things about me from many outsiders like from the office of Prime Minister, Indian Army, Maharashtra Police, many NGOs, and a million individuals who I was able to serve in my 4-year long sabbatical.

But, Naaz is the first one — in friend circle — who attempted to write an appreciation note on me.

It’s simply beautiful, like her.

She’s a woman of substance — a teacher, counselor, and motivator. Her voice, in fact, her face has a spell. One can easily get hypnotized by her looks and talks and believe me, people like her are born once in a millennium.

For me, she’s the perfect combination of beauty and brain.

Together, we’re planning to go on a mission to spread love, kindness, compassion, and happiness; as she has these in abundance and I only have these left.

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