The Man Who I Haven’t Met, Stays in My Heart

2017 has been a year of action. A lot happened over coffee, tea, internet, and mainly WhatsApp; since we made a school group.

I met many long-lost friends and made some new ones. There’re quite a few who I never met in school or I don’t remember our acquaintance clearly. Maybe, too much alcohol has eaten away my memory. Kindly stay from it.

I mean from memory, not alcohol.


Coming back to the point, Alwyn Thomas is one man who has taken a special place since we have ganged-up through the digital conversations we have.


Although, he’s the one I know least about, writing on him is a sheer joy because I love the unknown.

Alwyn is a reservoir of joy. He’s always laughing and making others do the same. And believe me, this is an art and craft that few in this world possess.

He’s a magician. He has won my heart in no time.

He’s staying in Dubai and this is the reason we have not been able to talk on the phone yet. But I’m sure with his visit — to Mumbai — this year, we’re going to meet and have all the fun available in this universe.

I feel that the point isn’t that we’ve met or not — in fact, that doesn’t matter anymore — but the point is that he’s so compassionate that he’s made a place in my heart.

This is the beauty of love.

The body doesn’t need to meet and there is a heart-to-heart communication. The story of Alwyn is the best example of a successful long-distance friendship.

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