The Little Saga of This Big Man

Some stories are inspiring unforgettable. Such is the story of my friend Ronak Modi; from India.

I met Ronak while working in the animation studio I worked for 10 years. He joined as a junior computer graphic artist in my team. He was focused, smart, and in a rush. He had to get there soon. He was extremely passionate.

This passion has paid well.

Today, he’s working as a department leader in a foreign animation studio. He has realized his dream and I’ve been an integral part of his victorious journey. I’ve seen his dreams, I’ve watched his moments and I’ve witnessed his passion.

I remember that one day when he was lost and sad. He didn’t mention it but I smelled it. I gave him a nice line that is one of my mantra of life — some days are like a mother, some days are like a stepmother.

He’s a big man now but he remembers this line.

Ronak is a sucker for cricket and especially Rahul Dravid. Although we don’t talk much now due to the time difference and his busy schedule, I always remember him as a great team member and noble human being.

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