Little Arjun Hit Me Straight in the Heart

Last night, I was chatting on WhatsApp with my school friend Vinay Jain. Suddenly, his son sent some recorded messages. First, I thought it was my friend with a distorted voice but later he told me that it’s his son Arjun. The little one’s voice was so divine that it took me 30-35 years back when I started speaking … Continue reading Little Arjun Hit Me Straight in the Heart

Rural India’s Digital Leader

I visited a tribal school near my city lately. The visit was to support this marginalized and neglected community for digital literacy. I and few friends collected old laptops and we shared in a few schools in Karjat district — 2 hours from Mumbai. Our coordinator introduced us to Arjun Sakpal from a nearby village. He’s the man who … Continue reading Rural India’s Digital Leader