Death Can Be Beautiful


Although the thought in this blog post belongs to me, the title was given by my dearest school friend Minu. 

Some are fortunate. They’re born and don’t get old. Death takes them into its arms, hugs them tightly before getting old.

My sister-in-law was terminally ill and was brought back home on 16th March, 2018. Doctors and well-wishers had already given up hope. Even she gave it up last evening.

She was placed on the bed and all the family was around her chanting prayers. Her face was radiant, for the first time in months. All the wrinkles on his forehead disappeared.

She was smiling and tears were dripping from her eyes. Maybe, for the first time, it wasn’t the tears of pain.

Her final breath left her with a smile on her face.

Isn’t this beautiful?!

She’d all the love and support for the last time. Her hands were in the hands of her sisters and elder son.

Thousands of people die on roads without anyone even noticing them. Some have all the wealth and power in the world but no one around.

When she was dying people talked about miracles.

Isn’t this a miracle?!

A satisfying death can be as beautiful as a satisfying living.

Let’s be grateful for all the moments we have and the miracles we see every day —  sunrise, air, friends, freedom, little moments of joy, and life itself.

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