Listening Is an Act of Love

listening is an act of love

It’s a lovely day today. In fact, as one of my friends, philosopher and guide said that today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

But, this lovely day is because of last night. If there was no night, there wouldn’t have been this morning. Regarding this thought, I’ve got a little story to share. Do read it.

Last night, I saw an English film — Patch Adams. It’s about a doctor, a doctor who’s termed as insane or excessively happy by his college. He’s discouraged because of his weird ways of treating but he was improving the lives of patients, rather than just delaying death.

The film has such a beautiful message.

Sometimes, it’s not about the latest technology or important scientific discoveries or colorful medicines, rather about the art and craft of being human. 

Sometimes, listening is the only treatment, the only magic. It so happens that a dying person dies in peace because that person was heard, attended, and included. Everyone wants to be included and heard.

When I started my sabbatical in 2013, what I call my inner journey or path of being a civil sanyasi, I had lots of time on me. I was time rich and knew what magic time can do. I used to call hospitals where cancer patients, especially children are being treated.

Cancer is a big one. I knew I ain’t a medical doctor but I knew that I’ve got something special in me — time and happiness. I wanted to share these resources with patients. I used to visit the children, listen to their stories, make them laugh by becoming a clown, watching animation film with them, or just by doing the nonsensical behavior.

I knew most of the children are going to die. But what’s big about dying? We all know that we’re going to die from the date we’re born. But these laughs and art of listening gave unprecedented results. Although the joy was temporary it improved the daily quality of life, not only of children but also of their parents.

We may think that we don’t have achievements and assets like our friends and relatives. We may think that we’re poor and have a miserable life. But, don’t forget that we have the most important resources in the universe — time and a good heart. It’s all we need to bring transformation and joy to the world.

So, today, if you’re feeling rejected, disappointed, or demotivated, look inside and realize the resources you’ve got inside you. It’s there, just use it and you can be the doctor in the true sense — the one who can help. It’s all there inside you.

Just take a step and reach out to those who need you.

Listening is an act of love and we can do this once in a while, at least. Magic can be created if you listen — to people and your heart.

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