You Can Give Even If You’ve Nothing

Don’t say you’ve nothing to give someone in need. The highest gifts have nothing to do with material things. The love you offer, the hope you inspire, the time and helping hand you outspread, the smile on your face — these are worth so much more.

There’s so much to give other than material things. You can give time, talent, touch, kindness, gratitude, or just a smile. These are all eternal gifts and there’re as many ways to give as there’re grains of sand.

It’s said that listening is an act of love; so if you give a little time to listen to someone in need, the hope, the encouragement you give them may change their lives forever.

The creator, the almighty, or the universe has given special gifts to all of us; it’s just about recognizing them. It’s about breaking the stereotype of giving — material things. It’s just about thinking about giving from a different perspective.

And when you look different, you may realize that we aren’t the giver, per se. The giver is someone else; we’re just the ones who share.

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