There’s Always a Time to Lead and a Time to Leave

The title line was given to me by my friend Martin in 2009 while I was studying wildlife filmmaking in South Africa. It has touched me so much that I keep using it and giving it to others. I said the same line to the HR head when I left my job at the animation studio where I worked for ten years.

I used to lead a small team of computer graphic artists.

The HR head used the same line with our CEO when he left the job; a few years later. The CEO is still my friend and he loves the line and says that he too might use this line in future!

In my life, I’ve seen a lot of people going away — from life, workplace, social media, etc. Previously when people used to express their interest to leave I would bow their feet, fold hands, and try to persuade them for hours not to leave.

But they left anyway.

Today, whenever someone says I’ve got to leave, I just say one line — I’m with you, all the best!

I’ve realized that there’re times when people have to leave for their benefit. Everyone needs to be given their free space and decide what suits them. Believe me, most of the time they know what’s best for them and if you don’t allow them to leave, the result might be tragic.

Nothing remains the same.

There’re more avenues for people to leave nowadays. Social media is a new space where people feel trapped and want to leave.

Recently, a few of my friends left different WhatsApp groups due to their reasons. It hurts but in the end, I know that it’s best for them then.

Everyone has a role to play and then carry on from that role to the next one. This is the essence of life.

Everyone needs time off. We have to trust them and let them go with joy, smile, and a lot of blessings.

The show goes on.

The show must go on.

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