The Poem of Contrast


I’ve seen life for 40 years, read around 1,000 books, met more than a million people and after all of this, I realized a thing — there’s the opposite of everything.

The world is full of contrast.

In Mumbai, there’s extreme contrast wherever you see. And this contrast, which is nothing other than the opposite, is like a poem. Some understand it and some don’t. Some like it and some don’t.

But the duality is present everywhere — good versus evil, day versus night, rich versus poor, ill versus healthy, light versus dark, love versus hate, and so on. Many belief systems have this feature of duality or contrast or opposite in them. In fact, as per particle physics also there is anti-matter to every matter.


I came across the above pictures recently, and it’s not rare to find this anywhere in the world. At this very moment, someone is starving and someone is even throwing food in the dustbin.

One friend doesn’t want to work. She’s interested in advanced studies and has a lot of money to sustain. On the other hand, one friend wants to study further but can’t because of an extreme financial crisis.

On one hand, are all my friends who are slogging day and night to run their family and on another hand, I was on a sabbatical for four years. Although, the reasons were completely different.


I also feel that this duality or contrast or the opposite is poetic. The above picture is from a nearby slum. I see many children in their joyful world in-spite of the so-called pleasures of life. They just enjoy whatever is possible and take full advantage of whatever is available in this world.

The world is full of contrast.

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