Don’t Judge Unless You’re Perfect: Part II

The other day I was doing nothing but observing people. It was fun and I could see different colors of people all around.

I heard a motorist talk about rising road accidents in India after he jumped the red signal, I heard a woman talking about environmental degradation while carrying 10 thin plastic bags full of vegetables, I heard a man cursing the slow speed of digitization as he was giving cash to a vendor who did accept digital payment, I heard a college student talking about dirty streets just after he threw his chocolate wrapper on road, I saw a man messaging his friend for one hour about how people are just busy on their mobile phones and miss the beauty of travel, I heard a young girl speaking in her cute-little-short-dress speaking ill about a man who was wearing shorts, I heard a shirker cursing and blaming for government for doing nothing for social change.

These are the same people who constantly keep blaming the government, politicians, leaders, industrialists, Bollywood celebrities, public servants, change-makers, entrepreneurs and everyone they can find on the planet. These are the same people who keep pointing fingers at policies, trends, markets, ideas, and everything on the planet. These are the same people who don’t even spare God.

When we blame, we surrender our power to change. So, let’s introspect before point our fingers on anyone.

In a nutshell, these people are that group of people that are hate-mongers and criticizers but never do an introspection of what they are doing. And, I think this is about us all, mostly all. We’re filled with errors, weaknesses, imperfection but we always keep blaming someone else for the things we can change ourselves.

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