When Will the Madness End?

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There’s something wrong with the world today, and it’s madness out there. Everyone seems to be fighting with each other in the name of greed, lust, false ego, power, and hatred.

My friends keep discussing all of this on their social media. They unfriend each other on account of a difference of opinion. I don’t know if this is right but we can be more tolerant about our differences.

Do people keep asking me whether this will ever end?

I ain’t sure if I’m the right person to answer this but I’ve got a different perspective on this that’s purely based on the principle of contrasts and the nature of the material world.

We’ve had hard times in the past. If you dig the history or ancient scriptures, you’ll find about time that was worse than what we’re experiencing today.

If you see the history of ancient and medieval wars, the madness and the death tolls were quite high. People have always been fighting and killing for women, wealth, land, gold, and wrong understanding of religion.

The root cause of all the madness in the world is false ego and desires.

False ego and desires are one of the main characteristics of the material world. They always exist and will continue to exist till the time there’s the contrast in the universe. The contrast, on the other hand, will always exist because it’s one of the characteristics of the universe.

If you read ancient scriptures or modern history, you can observe that the world now is a much peaceful place than before. Not that we can’t or shouldn’t do anything to make it better but the madness people talk about is always going to be there — no matter what!

In this age, we aren’t witnessing wars like before. Everyone’s trying his or her best to be kind, compassionate, grateful, forgiving, and joyful.

I believe that this is the best time for a renaissance of peace.

In ancient times, humans lived hundreds of years and the time taken for them to evolve into a peaceful human was also long. Whereas, nowadays, we live short and can achieve this goal quite soon.

This is the golden era!

My suggestion for people who’re looking for answers about the madness in the world is that it’s an inside job. The outside is the reflection of what’s going on the inside.

If you’re a happy and peaceful person from inside, the result will be seen on the outside. Many countries top the Good Country Index and Happiness Index. They’re proof that it’s possible.

So, look inside, transform for good, and don’t worry much about the outside. It’ll be the same always because that’s one of the characteristics of humans. It’s how our psychology works but we can always change that. It’s in our hands!

Be the change and hope, you want to see in the world and everything might fall in its place; someday.

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