The Stone Experiment: Humans Are Becoming Blind

Recently, I put up a post in all my social media asking my friends to guide me to get these stones. I was looking for plain stones that I can paint into colorful kindness tones. It was rather an experiment to see how different can we see or think in life.

I asked this question to around 1,500 people on my social media and 99% of them gave me the address of shops that sell these stones. There was only this friend of mine who suggested I go to the nearest national park and collect stone like these from the riverbed.

I realized from this question that most of us just understand money transactions. Our brains are wired so much for the money that we can’t think of the beautiful gifts nature can give us; for free.

This can also mean that we’re losing our relationship with nature that is in return bad news for our mental health.

There’s something wrong with us. We’ve become blind in our race to survive, and fulfill our greed. We aren’t able to see a different perspective that life can offer.

I suggest we shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance, and isolation to community.

I pray that we open our eyes and see the gifts that nature has to offer us; without any strings attached. I pray that we open our eyes and start seeing things from a different perspective also.

My question became a good experiment to learn about the status quo of humanity and how humans see life on a day to day basis. Although the results are shocking, we still have a scope to uplift ourselves.

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