10 Reasons Why Love Is the Best Feeling In the World

love is the best feeling

Love makes you happy. Love makes you hopeful. Love makes you grateful. Love makes you inspired. Love changes your life. 

Janis Spindel

The first — and second and third — time I fell in love, it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Having such strong feelings about another person shook me to my core. It made me re-evaluate my beliefs. I learned what it was like to care about someone.

Everything I’d believed, everything I stood for, suddenly disappeared. I found a whole new world opened up for me.

I was no longer closed-minded. I became a yes person. I learned the meaning of never say never. I’d a new outlook on life. Here’re 10 reasons why being in love is the best feeling in the world.

  1. Love makes you feel invincible: Love makes you feel as if you can do anything. Your approach to life is brighter and happier. You dare to do things you didn’t think you were able to do.
  2. Love gives you incredible inspiration: Being in love makes you feel inspired. It gives you a can-do attitude that you can approach anything, anywhere, anytime. Being in love gives you motivation. Your attitude is optimistic and always positive.
  3. Love makes you happy: When you’re in love, you’re blissfully happy all the time.
  4. Love makes you a hopeful romantic: Falling in love makes you a romantic. Love gives you hope that there’s a perfect person out there for you.
  5. Love makes you eliminate your fear: Love makes you fearless. The things you used to fear to disappear when you’re in love. You know you’ve got your cheerleader in your corner to help you with whatever is needed. You almost feel protected because you’re so happy.
  6. Love makes you be the best version of yourself: When you’re in love, you’re a better version of yourself. You’re nice to everyone, and you’re eternally thankful.
  7. Love makes you rich: Love makes you feel rich. You don’t stress about your finances or material things because you feel so blessed. You feel rich in a way that matters.
  8. Love puts you in a state of total confusion: Love makes you confused — it shakes you to your core and has you rethink your beliefs. Love is puzzling. It makes you marvel at how you can care about someone so much. Love gives you a yearning — it makes you miss your significant other in ways you never knew possible.
  9. Love makes you selfless: Love makes you mad — literally. It encourages you to want to do things you aren’t used to doing. It makes you selfless in ways you didn’t know existed. You find yourself thinking about the needs of your partner before your own.
  10. Love makes you believe: Love makes you hopeful. It makes you believe in happily ever after. When you’re single, you wonder if you’re ever going to meet your soulmate. Love makes you know that is possible and when it happens it’s amazing.

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