Saying MAY GOD BLESS YOU Is as Dangerous as Doubt

may god bless you

Quite often we hear words like MAY GOD BLESS YOU or MAY THIS FESTIVAL BRING LIGHT AND HAPPINESS TO YOUR LIFE. My question of, why this element of MAY? Why this doubt?

PS: I’m trying to explore something unusual and this may only relate to people who are believers in God; public or personal.

The meaning

Let’s understand the definition of the word MAY. The word means expressing a possibility or speculation. Hence, by saying MAY GOD BLESS YOU would mean that we’re expressing a possibility that God may bless the other person. But this isn’t true, and as per my limited knowledge, God has blessed everyone already in different ways and by adding a doubt element, we’re doubting the supreme.


I agree that it’s colloquial these days to say such things because everyone else is saying this. But to do something that everyone else is good? Is doubting God good?

Let’s explore this from my perspective.

Is doubt a sin?

Yes. Doubt is an expression of our weak belief and a manifestation of our lack of faith. Of all the sins we can commit, doubt is the one most hated by God. Doubt isn’t natural, it’s a function of our fallen sinful state.

We were created to trust God and cast our hope on God. Doubt springs from pride and forgetfulness, it grows in isolation from God, and it ultimately will drive us to seek what we need from someone or something other than God.

Doubt is rooted in our failure to accurately understand who God is. God properly apprehended removes doubt. There’re two kinds of doubt — emotional doubt and intellectual doubt.

Emotional doubt is and can be experienced by believers and followers of God. When we’re motivated by fear of anything other than God, we allow doubt to take over. When this happens, our only response should be one of repentance and reorientation toward God.

Intellectual doubt is less common and more dangerous than emotional doubt.; being faced with the command of God and failing to follow the command because of your reasoned disbelief. It isn’t reaction out of fear, but rather the fruit of a proud heart.

When this happens absent repentance, the consequences are dire and permanent. The only hope for this doubter is a grace given a radical understanding of who they’re to God.

Doubt is deadly when it’s uncontested and given in to. There’s no room for doubt in our pursuit of God. But doubt does happen. When doubt creeps in and begins to crowd out our view of God we begin to sink. Doubt leads to death when people choose to place their faith in any alternative other than God.


God — our hope — is calling out to us and when we have faith we can walk through the greatest storm; and even if we doubt, we must repent and cry out to God, and the supreme head will be faithful to take hold of our hand and save us.

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  1. Doubt indeed brings destruction of one’s own self! Very nice topic! One of my profs used to always say us, when ever we replied him “we will try our best”, that “No, don’t say try. Always say we will give our best”. Your article reminded of this!

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