Karma and Reincarnation


I’m reading a book on action and reincarnation. I got to know something interesting. Sometimes, the soul not only is in a certain situation because of past actions but sometimes, it sacrifices to balance someone else’s actions.

This implies that it’s not that only rich and healthy are spiritual and poor and ill are sinners. The ill soul may have taken up the challenge to balance someone else’s actions, sometimes group actions, and sometimes, rarely, they do it for the whole world.

Jesus was one such soul. The messenger took up suffering to balance the bad actions of the entire human race. They’re so many examples of souls like this who visited our planet, and the world is still a beautiful place to live in.

Maybe, our parents did this for us while in old age and we wonder why are they ill. Isn’t it?

Maybe, they took all our bad actions on them and balancing through the suffering we were supposed to bear. Maybe, our spouse or children do the same sometimes. Thanks to all such souls who sacrificed their lives for us, so that we can smile and be happy.

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