I’m Confused

I was just wondering whether education just means a degree or as per Swami Vivekananda, far deeper concept?

Someone said that this isn’t right but I think I want to ask people that is this what your education has taught? Does that education mean a degree? It’s enlightenment, not degree.

Soon, you’ll make terms and conditions for being a parent. What’s the qualification of our parent to become a parent? If they’re not educated they cannot be a parent? Do parenthood and caring need education? Likewise, compassion and love for the job don’t need a degree of a human. It needs a degree from the almighty; it needs a degree from the heart and the conscience.

And so many highly famous people in history are school dropouts and you worship them. If they purchased a degree from a popular university, would that be okay? Anyway, we would never know that.

I’m confused.

How has this issue of clothes evolved? In an organization, if a man wears short it’s not acceptable or considered that he’s not serious. On the other hand, a woman can even wear almost micro miniskirts and do meetings but she’s allowed and accepted and admired. If she’s only considered to be attractive by showing body then what about a female client who would want a man to be showing off his body?

As you step out of the building, in the general public, the man can wear anything and is accepted but the woman isn’t accepted or talked about.

Somebody said that uniform is necessary like in police or defense forces. But no shorts allowed only long pants. But previously police in Mumbai were wearing shorts, so that means they were not serious about their job and now they are because of wearing pants?

What do clothes have to do with seriousness or capability? But suddenly, Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda are accepted and adored for their virtues and the way they dressed up and spoke — they were the two main persons to promote that clothes don’t make a human, actions, and thoughts do.

What’s going on? I’m mind ripped? Who made this, when? How and when did the world start following this? Where does it lead to or end? What’s the next big revolution?

What’s going on? I’m confused.

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