God Is Watching Us, From a Distance

I experienced a moment of enlightenment while listening to one song by artist Bette Milder. I’ve heard it 100 times before but never realized that it has such a beautiful meaning. And it’s so much relevant in today’s time.

We break traffic rules, litter, tell lies, speak ill about others, contribute to corruption, destroy the environment, disrespect nature, engage in hypocrisy, disrespect non-human species, etc. and comfortably believe that there is no one watching us at the moment. But we forgot that the supreme creator, our manager, and destroyer is always looking out for us.

No one can escape the field-of-view of the almighty and as the famous Buddhist quote says — the eyes of truth are always watching you. 

So, the next time when you are about to wrong, just think of whoever you believe as per your belief system, know that you’re on the radar of someone, someone who is going to give it to you back and teach you a lesson.

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