Top 10 Sad Songs for Your Heartbreak

Everyone has to feel the heat of heartbreak at least once in a lifetime.  It’s a tough time and each of us has their ways to deal with it. Alcohol or drugs are the most common companions but music can be helpful. In this blog post, I want to share some songs that can be a good companion for your heartbreak phase.

I’d my share of heartbreaks in different years of my life. Here are my top ten sad songs to accompany your heartbreak.

10. Esi Hai Tanhai

I know how alone you feel in this time of distress. The shadows also leave you alone to cry in grief.

9. Milkar Juda Huye Toh

There’s no better genre than ghazals when you’re in deep pain; resulting from a heartbreak. You have to listen to a couple of them for feeling the heat.

8. Tumhi Ne Meri Zindagi

Heartbreak days are really painful and you don’t know what to do other than feel sad and cry. Music helps a lot to heal the broken heart. I used to drink a lot of alcohol and as a stereotype, blame my girlfriend for our breakup, although I was equally responsible. This song does a good job of blaming and playing the victim card.

7. Careless Whisper

Although I’m primarily a Hindi song listener, some English songs also did a good job to keep me sad all day long.

6. Tomar Barir Samne

There’s always a time — in middle of this madness — where you want to end your life and abuse your life; and hers. In case you don’t understand the language, please get it translated from your Bengali friend. This song is a gift from above.

5. Mere Dushman

I’d this habit of blaming my girlfriends for my heartbreaks and I used to curse them for what they did. There are times when you want to curse and take revenge before you realize that you can’t clap with one hand. These songs are really good if you’re in the blaming or cursing mode.

4. Aye Kash Kabhi Esa Hota

In these tough times, you really wish that you had two hearts; just in case one was broken, the other would be alright.

3. Shikwa Nahi Kisise

A breakup is one of those funny phases of life when you don’t know what’s happening or where it will lead to. After a lot of crying, cursing, blaming, you realize that it’s just a phase and will end. You want to console your heart that it’s all for the best and it’s divine design or something. At last, you stop blaming yourself and blamed the stars, fate, god, and even love itself.

2. Ab Tere Bin

If you’re alone, in grief and just out of a romantic relationship. This song is for you. The scars of your fresh wound will find a loving-kind friend in this song. It’s still my all-time favorite.

1. Tadap-Tadap Ke

This one my friend is at the top of the list. I have heard it millions of times. More than even the team who created it. This one will take down to ashes.

Although there’re thousands of songs to choose from, these are my all-time favorite from different languages. So my friends, please don’t let your heartbreak be alone with music in your life.

Music can heal, sometimes better than time.