Young Footballers Of India

I met these young boys in my locality. I am lucky to have them as my neighbor—we stay in the same housing society. Meet Yash Shirke and Aditya Pandey—the dudes. Both of them are hard-core football fans. They learn the game through a club in Mumbai and are doing really good in the game. Lately, Yash won a … Continue reading Young Footballers Of India

Salman, Jeep, Driver and Gossip 

चलो, चलो चलो, सवारी १० रुपये | He was shouting at the top of his voice. I also wanted to ride to my destination in north Gujarat. I fought like a child—although I am still one—and took the front seat in his Jeep. He put his favorite USB drive full of regional songs. I was … Continue reading Salman, Jeep, Driver and Gossip 

Rural India’s Digital Leader

I had visited a tribal school near my city lately. The visit was to support this marginalized and neglected community for digital literacy. I and few friends collected old laptops and we shared in few schools in Karjat district—2 hours from Mumbai. Our coordinator introduced us to Arjun Sakpal from a nearby village. He’s the man … Continue reading Rural India’s Digital Leader

Don’t Judge Unless You’re Perfect: Part I

The famous quote by Buddha means a lot to me and is the fundamental principle of my life. And, I don't just go by philosophy, I actually research on it and make my conclusions. So, I did an experiment for one year with a group of people from my housing society here in Mumbai. The … Continue reading Don’t Judge Unless You’re Perfect: Part I

First Class Loneliness

I was traveling to CST by train one day and I saw this beautiful scene. My hand automatically went towards the camera to take capture this moment. It's a moment of irony, loneliness, pain, madness and so many other emotions that no one, other than the man himself, knows about. I don't know what happened … Continue reading First Class Loneliness

Lessons In Generosity

I met an elderly lady who was continuously watching me eating breakfast. I was looking at her too, she had green eyes. She looked like a Greek Goddess born in the remotest village of Maharashtra, India. Maharashtra meaning The Great Land, is witnessing an adverse drought situation. The farmers are dying of poverty, hunger, and … Continue reading Lessons In Generosity