In Conversation With—A Piece Of Roti

I have started walking in morning; in my housing society compound. Since many days, I had been noticing pieces of roti on the back side. I was curious to know who keeps there pieces there and why the pieces are kept there. I couldn’t resist and one fine day, I and the lonely pieces had a conversation.

How come you’re here?

The lady on the **** floor threw me away.

What do you mean threw you away? Aren’t you the one the whole world is fighting for?

Maybe, but I am out because I wasn’t required.

But why?

The lady throws one of us out daily, if we’re left. She doesn’t like to waste food, so she throws us out for the pigeons or dogs.

Does pigeons or dogs eat you?


WTF! Then what’s your future?

Just that of a garbage. The sweeper puts me into the dustbin—end of my life cycle.

Good, at least in the end, mother Earth will consume you.


Why no?

I get wrapped inside a plastic bag and kept to decompose for days but I don’t get to reach the soil.

I am sorry.

You should be. Can you help me?

No. I mean, I don’t know. Let me see.

It’s so strange that food ends up being wasted every day. Neither it’s recycled, nor does it feed any species. The people who have the intention to feed waste food to non-human species throw it away, rather than feeding it to them—with dignity and love.

In many belief systems, it’s a good practice to feed the waste food to non-human species but feed not throw waste food at them. There is the difference between offering food and throwing it so that someone gets fed. I hope people will realize it soon—before the same happens to them.


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