Is Google Better Than Guru?

It’s a question that always haunts me. I’m fortunate to have born in this era where I’ve got sources of information, knowledge, and wisdom.

I’ve got a Guru and I’ve got Google.

Google is an unmatched source of information and knowledge; no doubt about it. One can find answers to almost all the questions in the universe in this space. I am glad someone finally invented it.

Guru is someone who shows and leads the path of information and knowledge; especially when the followers on there own are incapable of doing so.

Both can’t be compared as such.

But I feel, that while Google provides information and knowledge, Guru goes a step further and can help to apply the information and knowledge in life — the heart of wisdom.

But Guru may not be available 24 x 7 like Google.

Today, we’ve got airplanes with autopilot functionality, self-driven driver-less cars around us but still, we need whole cabin crew just because there are certain instances where only human interference can solve the problems and not the machines.

And guess what, some Guru must have invented Google and maybe its the new-age Guru; who knows?!

Although, this might remain a life-long question we can use our consciousness and find an answer to this as per our circumstances, belief system, understanding of self, and perspective of life.

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