Money Isn’t the Only Answer But It Makes a Difference

money makes a difference

Money gives you CHOICES.

Money gives you personal power.

Money isn’t just money. Not just a tool to buy fancy clothes, new shoes, and luxurious holidays.

Money is ENERGY.

What’s most exciting about money is who you become in the process of making more money. When you understand the essence of this tool, it starts flowing to you.

The ancient Indian scripture Panchatantra has described the velocity of money. These are three in nature — use, donation, and annihilation. The money that doesn’t get used or donated gets annihilated.

With money on your side, you attract new opportunities and people in your life. Your life expands, grows bigger, deeper, richer in every way.

You can have a better impact on the world. Reach a larger audience. You can serve more, share more of yourself with the world. Inspire more, help more, be more.

You can live out your purpose more and by sharing more of who you actually are, quite simply, you serve more.

Money isn’t the root of evil.

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