100% Population on Planet Earth Have This Syndrome

I’ve seen some films in which the protagonist or antagonist is suffering from what’s called multiple personality disorder. But as per my half-knowledge and perspective, we all are suffering from this disorder.

I wouldn’t call it suffering but more like displaying this syndrome. And I wouldn’t even call it a disorder but rather a natural phenomenon.

I believe that all of us have many personalities inside us. We’re a different person in anger, joy, frustration, ego, pride, sadness, depression, fear, confidence, friendship, envy, guilt, shame, shamelessness, pity, kindness, indignation, emulation, contempt, calm, trust so on and so forth.

There’re limitless human emotions and we are someone else every in a moment of our life.

All of us have this emotional diversity which is, in fact, a good thing. In a recent research paper, researchers have found that better health could be linked to emotional diversity rather than just having positive emotions.

I’ve observed many people making fun of people suffering from multiple personality disorder. And I feel really bad that we don’t introspect to see what’s inside us.

The next time you hear or see a case of multiple personality disorder, don’t make fun of the person but rather understand that all of us have multiple personalities inside us. It’s just a matter of recognizing it time-to-time.

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