Does Buddhism Believe in God?

No. Buddhism doesn't believe in God. There're several reasons for this. The Buddha believed that religious ideas and especially the god-idea have their origin in fear. Gripped by fear men go to the sacred mountains, sacred groves, sacred trees, and shrines. Selfish Reasons Primitive humans lived in a dangerous and hostile world full with the fear … Continue reading Does Buddhism Believe in God?

Pride: One of the Greatest Sins

Often, we hear the sentence I'M PROUD OF YOU or I FEEL SO PROUD, don't we? Although the dictionary meaning of pride is to feel deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of own achievements, it's misleading and half. There's more to the meaning. Means, there're more layers and hidden vibrations attached with this word and I … Continue reading Pride: One of the Greatest Sins

HBD Buddha! But When Were You Really Born?

Why are you playing such loud music?We're celebrating our festival?Nice. Please tell me about it.It's our God's birthday.Who is your God?Buddha.But Buddha doesn't believe or preach in a personal God, as per my little knowledge?What? What do you mean by that?Forget it. But what are you celebrating?We're celebrating Buddha's birthday—it's May 22 and he was … Continue reading HBD Buddha! But When Were You Really Born?

Little Arjun Hit Me Straight in the Heart

Last night, I was chatting on WhatsApp with my school friend Vinay Jain. Suddenly, his son sent some recorded messages. First, I thought it was my friend with a distorted voice but later he told me that it’s his son Arjun. The little one’s voice was so divine that it took me 30-35 years back when I started speaking … Continue reading Little Arjun Hit Me Straight in the Heart

The Laughing Buddha — Reincarnated, Remixed

This story isn’t a simple and short one.  It started in circa 500 BC with the birth of Prince Siddhartha. Most of us know about the journey of this prince who left his luxurious life in quest of existence, to find the root of misery and to discover the root of true, ultimate happiness. But, no … Continue reading The Laughing Buddha — Reincarnated, Remixed

Don’t Judge Unless You’re Perfect: Part I

The famous quote by Buddha means a lot to me and is the fundamental principle of my life. And, I don’t just go by the philosophy, I research on it and make my conclusions. So, I experimented for one year with a group of people from my housing society here in Mumbai. The experiment was to get people to … Continue reading Don’t Judge Unless You’re Perfect: Part I