My Definition of Success


Success means different things to different people. There’re tons of definitions available out there but my definition is simple and crazy.

  • When my five senses are working
  • When I don’t have to wear a formal dress for the office or follow a dress code for a meeting
  • When I purchase and consume only what I need
  • When I don’t rush
  • When sense gratification doesn’t fool me
  • When I don’t do lavish interiors in my home
  • When I don’t desire for a bigger home or luxury car
  • When I get to write one blog post each day
  • When I don’t expect or assume things
  • When I’m simple and truly happy

Success for me isn’t when I achieve or win but rather when I remain in equanimity; with nature, the universe, and myself. Success for me is NOT accumulating but letting go.

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