Give Your Stress Wings and Let It Fly Away

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your to-do list seems endless, deadlines are fast approaching and you find yourself in a soup? But what's stress, and how does it affect us? What's stress? Stress, in everyday terms, is a feeling that people have when they're overloaded and struggling to cope with demands. … Continue reading Give Your Stress Wings and Let It Fly Away

Enemies of the Mind and Happiness

What can extinguish our ambitions, our prosperities, our relationships — our lives? The enemies prowling inside us, the ones we face from within, the ones we’ve got to destroy before they destroy us. The sins are a grouping and classification of vices. Behaviors are classified under this category if they’re directly connected to immoralities. They’re often thought to be … Continue reading Enemies of the Mind and Happiness

11 Signs to Find out If You’re Working for a Bad Enterprise

You’ve noticed that something isn't right in your office, and you just can’t enjoy it. Your enthusiasm has diminished, you can’t recall the last time you felt good about getting up and going to work, and you spend your days on the job clock-watching and dreaming of escaping. These maybe the signs that perhaps it’s … Continue reading 11 Signs to Find out If You’re Working for a Bad Enterprise

Mental Health: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

No one has perfect mental health all the time, but ongoing problems can be dangerous to our well-being. Disappointed in life?Feeling worn out?Feeling stressed out?Not having any fun? If you answered YES, you aren’t alone. In this blog post, we’ll learn everything you need to know about mental health and well-being. Don’t forget to take the … Continue reading Mental Health: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

7 Steps to Happiness

Achieving happiness is easier than we think. Check out these steps to happiness: Think less, feel moreFrown less, smile moreTalk less, listen moreJudge less, accept moreWatch less, do moreComplain less, appreciate moreFearless, love more These steps to happiness are possible, but you must follow them with intention. Don’t give up if you can’t tell yourself … Continue reading 7 Steps to Happiness

This Diwali Set Your Home on a Decluttering Spree

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights that's one of the most popular festivals of India. the festival symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. During the celebration, temples, homes, shops, and office buildings are brightly illuminated. Diwali isn't only a festival to burn candles, burst firecrackers, eat sweets, meet and … Continue reading This Diwali Set Your Home on a Decluttering Spree

10 Types of People to Surround Yourself With

You don’t become successful alone, you’ve got friends who support you and family who listen to your life trials and troubles. They’re all types of people you need in your life that help you achieve success based on your definition. There’re ten types of people that you must surround yourself with if you want to … Continue reading 10 Types of People to Surround Yourself With

What’s Compassion? Is It Good for You?

We live in a world missing in compassion. The sad reality of humanity is that the huge majority of people ignore the suffering of others. Perhaps many turn a blind eye for their survival. Witnessing the suffering of another person can induce the raw emotion of fear or sadness or repulsion. Too often, people are … Continue reading What’s Compassion? Is It Good for You?

The Stone Experiment: Humans Are Becoming Blind

Recently, I put up a post in all my social media asking my friends to guide me to get these stones. I was looking for plain stones that I can paint into colorful kindness tones. It was rather an experiment to see how different can we see or think in life. I asked this question … Continue reading The Stone Experiment: Humans Are Becoming Blind

100 Acts of Kindness for Children

Doing acts of kindness is one of the best activities you can do with your children. It’s a great way to bond as a family, have a lot of fun and it teaches children about compassion and service. Kindness is essential for good mental health. Any act of kindness no matter how big or small can … Continue reading 100 Acts of Kindness for Children

If the Relationship Matters, the Distance Doesn’t

In this contemporary world, the issue of long-distance relationships has become a grave problem. Partners with closer emotional bonds get affected psychologically and don’t understand the cause of their recurrent emotional changes when they’re apart from one another. Loneliness is a common problem that outbreaks most long-distance relationships. Depression can set in for such individuals when … Continue reading If the Relationship Matters, the Distance Doesn’t

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Toxic Family Members out From Your Life

As a general belief, the family seems to be a bond that we shouldn’t break but once in a while, it may be required for your benefit and peace, to keep a distance from a specific relative. What's a family? A family isn't your blood or DNA. In just a few words, the family defines … Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Toxic Family Members out From Your Life

It’s Perfectly Fine to Be an Introvert

The society looks at introverts as a problem that needs attention. Introverts are considered unsocial. They’re the people who’re frequently made to think about their self-improvement. People often label them as confused or shy which is opposing to their choice. Introverts are equated with being self-conscious because they talk less or don’t put themselves out there … Continue reading It’s Perfectly Fine to Be an Introvert

End of a Relationship Isn’t the End of Life

Ending a relationship is never easy because it ends a whole stage of your life where you’d someone to share your happiness, your sorrows, and your fears.  Losing a relationship can elevate feelings of rejection and guilt. A broken heart and emotional pain can negatively affect physical and mental health. The end of a relationship can … Continue reading End of a Relationship Isn’t the End of Life

Social Media Addiction Is Killing You

The technology-driven society has paved the way for the CONSTANT CHECKER — those who check their emails, texts, and social media accounts continuously. It can take a toll not just on yourself, but on your relationships. Social media addiction is dangerous. It’s slowly taking away the real value of what it means to connect. Concerns have … Continue reading Social Media Addiction Is Killing You

Get Rid of the Fear of Self-Image

Fear of not being liked by others rules much in today’s life. The continuous pressure to meet appearance standards set by society favors displeasure with self-image. It can develop messy eating habits, depression, and anxiety, all of which can continue to develop throughout adulthood. Each of us will have a positive body image when we … Continue reading Get Rid of the Fear of Self-Image

11 Simple Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

Is it difficult to find our life purpose? There's no limit on the number of people whom we could help, or inspire, or support. There're many reasons why you may need to know your life purpose that also leads to a truly happy and meaningful life. But if you want to change all that and find your life purpose, here're … Continue reading 11 Simple Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

10 Ways to Be Happier

A few years ago, on a morning like any other, I’d a sudden realization: I was in danger of wasting my life. I decided to begin a study on authentic happiness. It was beautiful! Along the way, I learned a lot about how to be truly happier. Here're those lessons: Exercise more: 7 minutes might be enoughSleep more: You’ll … Continue reading 10 Ways to Be Happier

Why Happiness Is So Important?

Happiness is so significant to us, both as individuals and as a world, mainly because happiness is all there is in life. As human beings, although we possess mental abilities and are highly thought oriented, the quality of our lives is ultimately completely determined by our emotions. For example, which life would you rather have; that of a … Continue reading Why Happiness Is So Important?

Forgive and Feel Happier

Few people understand the huge impact the ability to forgive can have on their happiness, nor do most people think of this as a skill that they need to teach and practice with their children. But most important is that forgiving people tend to be happier, healthier, and more empathetic. The inability to forgive, on the other … Continue reading Forgive and Feel Happier

3 Types of Happiness as per the Bhagavad Gita

This is a entire new thing, a exceptional perspective on happiness that the Bhagavad Gita says about and it’s in the last chapter. Here we come to know about the three types of happiness. O best of the warriors, now please hear from me about the three kinds of happiness by which the conditioned soul enjoys, and by … Continue reading 3 Types of Happiness as per the Bhagavad Gita

Happiness Is Within You

This is the problem! The capacity of the senses to enjoy is limited but the desire in the mind is unlimited. This inconsistency between wanting to enjoy and the ability to enjoy causes all sorts of ailments. Bulimia is one such ailment. It’s only related to food but alike diseases can be related to all other senses … Continue reading Happiness Is Within You

Here’s How You Can Be Happy Like a Child

Have you ever noticed that children have happiness inside? They spend the majority of their days laughing, smiling, and just enjoying life. Wouldn’t it be great if you can be that happy like a child again? The good news is that you can. It may be hard to imagine because, after all, we as adults … Continue reading Here’s How You Can Be Happy Like a Child

Happiness vs. Pleasure: There’s a Huge Difference

There’s a huge difference between happiness and pleasure, yet there’s still a correlation between them. We believe that by seeking pleasure and avoiding pain we will feel happy. And to an extent, that holds. Pleasure is a brief feeling that comes from something external while authentic happiness is an internal state of mind. Pleasurable experiences … Continue reading Happiness vs. Pleasure: There’s a Huge Difference

Why Should We Practice Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is decent not just for the person who’s forgiven, but for the person who forgives. We frequently think of forgiveness as a kind, generous act — an act of pity or compassion extended to someone who wronged us. While that can be true, research over the past few decades has exposed huge personal benefits … Continue reading Why Should We Practice Forgiveness?

The Heart of Forgiveness

It’s vital to forgive yourself and others to release your guilt and decide to not allow it to choke you and your future opportunities. Forgiveness isn’t acceptance of the hurt. It’s about taking care of yourself so that you can move forward with your life without being controlled by the guilt or the person who … Continue reading The Heart of Forgiveness

Money Can Buy You Happiness

I realized that nobody is the owner of money or wealth, we're just a trustee or nominee. We've got to share it away. It never belonged to us and per Vedas, this is all there for thousands of years. I think, we become frustrated or suffer because we try to become an owner. Once we've got a … Continue reading Money Can Buy You Happiness