The Quran for Children

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, and it's full of wisdom and guidance for people of all ages, including children. Here are some key concepts from the ancient scripture that can be presented in a child-friendly manner: Stories of good people: Tell them stories about good people, like different prophets. Children can learn … Continue reading The Quran for Children

The Tree of Life

No, this article isn't about deforestation but this is about me. I'm a selfish person and most of the blog posts are about me or things that revolve around me. Being selfish has opened doors for me like never before. It’s because of being selfish that I got the opportunity to introspect, and begin a self-study tour; … Continue reading The Tree of Life

Husband and Wife in Islam

Marriage is a sacred bond entered into by two people who are committed to their goal to fulfill their lives and attain the pleasure of their creator. It's also a natural human impulse to want to share your life with someone special and create a family. Husband and wife have a special bond between them. When … Continue reading Husband and Wife in Islam