Prisoners Need Reform Not Punishment

Our Father of Nation—Mahatma Gandhi—believed in reform not punishment and with this philosophy, Additional Director General (Prison) Bhushankumar Upadhyay and Jail Superintendent U.T. Pawar organized a workshop in the largest prison of South Asia—Yerwada Central Jail, Pune. When one commits a mistake in life, one has to pay a big cost for it. But it’s … Continue reading Prisoners Need Reform Not Punishment

From Hatred To Love

Since childhood, I hated and feared police. The reason was unknown; maybe upbringing, maybe wrong values, maybe false information, maybe Chinese whispers, maybe family experiences but one reason that I found out—in my mid-30s—was that there was a complete lack of connecting with them. Hence, the hatred and fear only grew in leaps and bound. … Continue reading From Hatred To Love