There’s Receiving in Every Giving

Many of us grew up believing that it’s nobler to give than to receive. This proclamation safeguards us from becoming self-centered monsters — scanning our environment to see what we can extract to fill ourselves.

But this may turn us into a narcissist because we think we become great as we’re giving, and just giving.

But I’ve got a different perspective on this.

The world is in a continuous state of circulation and slow. Whatever it is, everything’s in continuous motion and has an equal and opposite response.

There is no one-side energy flow — it’s an energy exchange.

As we give, we get; at the same time.

Many times, we give and expect to get back something; similar to the value of what we have given but we don’t get it back. This makes us sad.

But one thing to learn is that even if we don’t get that material exchange, we’re getting lots of love, blessing, and happy chemicals in return. When we give, we get a joyful feeling and the brain releases hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin that bring a lot of peace, joy, and good vibes in the body.

This helps us become better humans.

So, next time when you give and don’t get something — of similar value back — remember that you’re getting much more than just the material stuff.

You’re getting a better version of you in return.

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