Life Is Too Simple, We Complicate It

Before we understand the simplicity of life let us understand our role in it. People are complication-mongers; they convert simple things into something complex and difficult to understand.

The only reason we’ve got something called sixth-sense is to complicate things. But then think about it, without making things complicated we might feel extremely dull and disheartened, and then there’s no point in whatever we do. With that note, let’s get one thing straight; life is invalid, it has no meaning or purpose.

The perfectly sane way to lead life would be to admit its simplicity and enjoy every honor rewarded on us, humans. But that makes us a bunch of monkeys jumping around and doing nothing but enjoying life. If there were no complications, we wouldn’t have gravity, smartphones, clothes, money, education, work, success, failure, love, etc.

Life is too simple; we complicate it, and that’s what makes it more lovely and purposeful.

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