2021: Gratitude to All My Readers and Followers Across the Globe

I’m good at story-telling and hence, my wife always advised me to start a blog but I didn’t do it.

I started a blog as late as 2017 and it has been a wonderful journey.

I enjoy writing. It’s a beautiful way to express my thoughts.

I’ve always tried to write on various topics and be truthful to myself and my readers. I’m fortunate that people have supported me from 150 countries to date.

I guess they like what I write.

I’m grateful that I could ignite the emotional diversity in people through my art and craft of storytelling.

But who’s the one to be thanked really?

It’s YOU!

Yes, you’re the ones who make me write all these mad stuff. I’ve to share my deep gratitude to all of my readers and followers across the globe for supporting my blog.

Do share your honest feedback. Let me know what you like or dislike and if you want me to write on some specific topic. Do share your feedback even if you don’t have to say anything.

Just keep the love flowing.

एहसान इस दिल पर तुम्हारा है दोस्तों |
ये दिल तुम्हारे प्यार का मारा है दोस्तों |

The above couplet in Hindi means that my heart is always longing for your love and will always be obliged for you loving-kind support

I, once again, appreciate the support that I’m getting in 2021, and hope to get the same in the coming years.

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