The Circle of Life

First, my dear friend, listen to this beautiful song.

Whenever I listen to this song, I think about MTNL that is the biggest public telecommunications service, provider. The company had a monopoly in Mumbai and New Delhi until 1992 when the telecom sector was opened to other service providers.

Those were the days.


I remember getting a telephone connection in the late 1970s. It was a big achievement to have a telephone line in those days. TV, VCR, phone, and refrigerator were the things to be proud of the 1970s-80s.

The telephone was a novelty and so was MTNL. The employees were arrogant and lazy. I remember standing in lines for hours to pay the monthly bill and if there was a technical problem in the line, the lineman was treated like a god. He didn’t attend the complaint unless you touch his feet and bribe him. It would take weeks to fix the telephone line in those days.

There was no customer care department as such but there were ladies who booked the complaint. I don’t remember a single incident when they spoke to anyone with compassion.

Cut to.

It’s 2018, and there’re many big players in telecommunications — private ones. These are like the sharks of the business. MTNL is nowhere in the race in the metro cities but still a big hit in the rural areas.

I still have a landline and internet managed by MTNL.

I’m loving it.

Times have changed and MTNL has learned it’s a lesson. The service is fast and easily available. There’s a customer service department where the ladies converse with decency and compassion. They offer quick support for any issues and the lineman comes running in just one call.

Last week, my internet wasn’t working and the issue was solved within 48 hours. Four technicians came to offer support in two days. they didn’t ask a single rupee for the support; liked they used to in earlier days.

I believe that times change everything, everybody, and this time its MTNL. The circle of life doesn’t spare anyone and is working for everyone all the time.

I’m loving the change.

I’m loving MTNL.

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