Nature Is Screaming, Are You Listening?

This year, many parts of India are severely affected by floods. But if you observe closely, every year the story is almost the same. Across the globe, countries are facing natural calamities; especially floods.

Flood is an overflow of a huge amount of water covering large areas destroying the places affected. Many regions across the globe face the problem of floods each year.

Several towns and cities in India — especially those in Himachal Pradesh and Kerala — are facing severe floods that have cost lives of people and animals, resulting in a loss of property and other valuable assets and destruction of soil and plants. Hundreds of people have lost everything as you’re reading this blog post.

But why is mother nature so inconsiderate?

Is she angry?

Does she have to say something?

Is this a natural calamity or a man-made one or a blend of both?

A flood occurs due to excessive downpour and a lack of proper drainage system. 2018 has seen heavy rainfalls in many parts of India. In Mumbai, especially, one can see a flood situation every year mainly due to public apathy. The drainage system is dysfunctional and the municipal authority has no clue how to solve the issue.

They even don’t have a political will.

The citizens are irresponsible and clog the gutters with garbage.

I’ve also observed that people who live in the hilly region of India build their homes on the hills; although most of the time when it’s illegal to do so. In times of flood, hundreds of people lose their homes.


Neither the government, not the people have a solution for the space management and distribution of the population. The best example is Mumbai. It’s breastfeeding at least 20 million people officially and more if you want to count the unofficial ones.

And now the people are after her front and back.

The city wasn’t built to be f***ed by so many people.

We do a countless number of crimes against the environment in the name of development and progress. I’m sure flood is one of the ways mother nature is giving us a message; if not taking her revenge.

She’s shouting at the top of her voice.

She has a message for us. It’s high time that we stop campaigning SAVE EARTH and campaign about SAVE HUMAN because the planet was there for billions of years and will continue for another billion years. It’s us who will come and go.

It’s ourselves that we need to save.

Mother nature has her way to live forever; with or without us.

But that doesn’t mean that we must turn our eyes to the ones who are facing difficulties. We must offer a hand of support whenever possible.

This doesn’t look like a manmade event but an unprecedented natural disaster that hasn’t happened in the last 100 years or so.

Himachal Pradesh and Kerala are facing devastating times and I appeal to all of you to come ahead and offer whatever possible for the relief work. Natural challenges will come and go, but we need to hold hands of our fellow-humans in times of distress.

Mother is punishing us for what we’ve done but she loves us. She’s giving us a signal, a message, an examination and it’s this time when we’ve to come together and pass this examination.

In case you wish to offer the support, you can go to the state websites and support the CHIEF MINISTER RELIEF FUND or look out for NGOs that are working for the cause.

Offer whatever possible.

Every bit matters.

This too shall pass.

Have faith.

Go green.

Don’t f*** around with mother nature.

She’s trying to say something but her voice is lost in the sounds of our mindless chattering!

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