Arey Dikra, Let’s PARSI!

Percy, Pearl, Monaaz, Tinaaz, Zarin, Behram, Khusham, Minoo, Dinaz, Golom, Meher, Shireen, Natasha, Delna, Oorvazi, Nainaz, Zubin, Kaizad, Yezdi, Dinyar, Arish and all such names are ringing in my head since morning!


Today is Persian new year.

As I raised my hands to wish my Parsi friends, on social media, I’d a better idea. Anyway, I am going to wish them with my fingers, so I thought to weave a web of magical words instead.

I want to write a heart-touching blog post that can live forever; unlike you and me. We’ll not be around in some years but this piece of post on the internet will always be around.

This way, my greeting will always be around.

The names that I told you about, remember? Some of them always keep ringing in my hand but I ain’t going to tell you the reason.

Some are crushes, some are guides, some are colleagues, some are bosses, some are teachers, some are just someone, some of them are everything. I even read all the available English translations of the Avesta to impress one young Parsi woman!

Alas! Nothing worked out as such though!

Please don’t ask details; at least not without a sponsored Parsi peg. If you don’t understand what a Parsi peg is, call up your Parsi friend ASAP!

I’m blessed in life to have these incredible people in my life. It’s a time to come together to celebrate, to eat and drink, to connect with this community and faith.

The Parsi community is one of the most successful minorities and migrant groups in the world.

They’re known for their many unique customs, including the famous funeral tradition of laying out the dead in a purpose-built tower to be eaten by vultures.

I’ve some of the best memories of my life with my Parsi friends and acquaintances. I remember working in an office that had a Parsi old man. I sued to spend time with him after work and he would tell me stories of the past glory. I still remember some of his famous lines — धर्म ना नामे धत्तिंग, भेजा नो दही, खिसा खाली ने भपका भारी, and there were few more that I don’t remember.

He was hilarious.

And quite alone.

Neither I, not he’ll forget each other.

There’re more such people in my life. I hope they don’t forget me.

Parsis offered a lot to the progress of India, and me personally.  I always fall short of words to describe their beauty.  I’m fortunate to have autographs of some of the Parsis who have touched my heart.

ratan tata

The first is one Indian industrialist, investor, and philanthropist — Ratan Tata, the second one is of my first female Parsi friend — Monaaz and the third one is of my favorite boss-leader — Arish Fyzee.

Of all the millions of people I’ve met in my life, Parsis are one of the most joyful, playful, loving-kind and truly happy people.

Happiness comes to them who bring happiness to others.

Gatha Yasna 43.1

And hence always partying!

Here’s a scene from one of my favorite Bollywood film telling about the joyful and playful spirit of a typical old Parsi man.

Here’s wishing all the merry-fellows across the globe!

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  1. That’s a wonderful write up and it surely brings out your heart for your love towards your parsee friends. Thanx

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