Hindi Pulp Fiction Is Back With a Twist

hindi pulp fiction

The 70s-80s-90s were a whirlwind time. Before cable television, newspapers and physical books were still what most Indians looked to for information and entertainment.

At railways stations, the AH Wheeler stall was a prominent point where one could buy all sorts of books; especially Hindi pulp fiction. These books with their low-quality paper, striking graphics, eye-catching titles, and low-price were heroes of Indian travelers.


Hindi pulp fiction was huge, and its popularity seemingly on an endless rise. But after the death of stalwarts like Ved Prakash Sharma, Surendra Mohan Pathak and some more, this genre saw a steep decline to the extent that it’s almost dead.

Hindi pulp fiction has a huge market and with thanks to the internet and new age writers, this genre is reviving again. I’m one of the writers who has taken the charge to revive this genre and write heart-wining stories.

Although I can’t even reach close to the legends of yesteryears, I am trying my best to write stories on the internet. Social media has given writers like me a platform to publish our stories and reach millions of Hindi pulp fiction fans across the globe.

I write stories on my Facebook page नंगी रात की ओवरड्रेस्ड कहानियाँ and so far I’ve written nine stories. These are short stories but with interesting character and plots, and happen in the night time when people and places reveal their true colors. They’re inspired by real-life moments blended with wild imagination and madness.

Do read some of the stories!

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