Photography: The Art of Seeing

I usually travel by public transport nowadays. I don’t remember what bus I took the other day and as I entered the bus this historic scene looted my heart.

It was a beautiful scene of an array of persons sitting one after the other. They looked like the queue of little children who assemble to pray or just pretend to. They were men from the two of the most beautiful belief system, the way of life and community sitting in a corner of the bus. It mesmerized me and kept watching and watching until the frame was imprinted on my heart. And when I’d a little time, I clicked.

Photography isn’t about clicking but it’s about seeing.  Click ONLY when your heart says so.

The frame isn’t as beautiful in its outer appearance. I use a cheap point and shoot camera, bad lens, bad framing, and a million errors. But, there’s good storytelling of the frame. For me, it transcends all the technical aspects and speaks a vivid story of unity in diversity, a story of contrast, a story of togetherness, a story of the pursuit of happiness, and a story of India.

When we see, we understand more, we love and our perspective widens. I might be a bad photographer but this picture is NOT. The design may be bad but the divine design in the picture is NOT.

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