Living Ignorance, Dying Customs

dying customs

I brought a utensil today. It’s a big aluminum tumbler to boil water and I did something unusual, for the shopkeeper at least. I asked him to engrave my name on it. Cool, isn’t it? 

But this was a custom many years back. I remember my parents getting their names engraved on the new utensils they bought. This was around 30 years ago. Nowadays no one cares to do so. Earlier, they used to do it so that the utensil doesn’t get lost because, in the olden times, there was lots of sharing between neighbors.

Now, times have changed. With the internet, the faraway world has come just in front of the eye but the next-door family has gone far. Nowadays people don’t have time for themselves, what will they share?

I remember my mother engraved my name on a small glass in which I used to drink milk. I still have that glass with me. Hence, today I deliberately wanted to follow the same custom, just to keep it alive, at least in my heart.

Today, all such trivial customs are dying and it’s on us, whether to keep it alive or declare it dead.

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