Superstition or Belief?

I was walking to the market this morning and on the way, I found 4 lemons in a square shape on the floor. They were crushed and I asked someone nearby about this phenomenon. He explained to me that it was because somebody has bought a new car and he placed the lemons under the tire. It’s something like getting rid of the evil eye and more like praying the machine that will support his travel and fuel his ego.

If these educated, well-educated people, worship machines — by following some rites and rituals that are not necessarily wrong — why can’t they worship the machine which God has created?

And if they’re so sensitive about machine helping them and worshiping them, why don’t they can’t worship the commode they sit on? It the biggest machine or tool that helps them every day, or the door through which travel or the plate they eat food on — they worship food but not the plate.

Why are these people aren’t treating everything equally as rightly said in Bhagavad Gita or Quran? As soon as you talk to thank the commode, they go mad, why? Hasn’t the same God who has created them, created the toilet too? I want the point of view of the people who own a car here and who worship their car or computer or another machine.

What is going to happen by putting lemons on the tire — and not picking it up like garbage — or what will happen if you don’t put them at all. If you are an ardent follower of Vedic way of life, ancient scriptures condemn all such activities and tell you to believe in almighty and whatever happens, is for best. What’s going to happen if you don’t worship your car or why don’t you worship your commode, that machine keeps you up all your life?

Maybe, there’s a thin line between superstition and belief? Myth and fact? Or maybe not.

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