Are Participants of Bigg Boss Really Insane?

I’m a big fan of Bigg Boss for some years. Not that I’m a sadist but this show is really entertaining and a useful lesson for a student of psychology; like me.

A friend recently told me she doesn’t like to watch this because she thinks that only insane people take part in this show.

She’s actually right — partially.

Although, it might feel that it’s a scripted show the truth isn’t this. I’ve got some close friends who work for this television channel and the production house who makes this show. This show is in fact, crafted with subtle situations that evoke certain emotions in a particular participant.

All the participants are chosen carefully as per the scripted situations that are going to crack them up and make them look insane.

But wait. What is insane? Let us understand this in detail. describes insane as not of sound mind; mentally deranged or utterly senseless. Having said this, let us explore that who are these insane people in our world. Is it the ones who participate in such television shows?

Then who are the ones who loot the country, rape women, break traffic rules, litter around, play blame-game, abuse children, speak blatant lies, disrespect elders, speak ill of others, destroy environment, accumulate wealth from wrong sources, involved in all the sins we can think of and ask such insane question; judge others.

I haven’t seen anyone who’s free from any of the above qualities; including myself. Then who are these people? Are they sane because they’re not in Bigg Boss?

Multi-billion dollar question.

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