Does Pure Vegetarianism Really Exist?

I don’t understand when people say that I’m a pure vegetarian. How can one be that today?

Just a random thought. Vegetarianism isn’t just eating plants but it’s more of a mental lifestyle. It implies non-killing and non-violence but how? We kill millions of insects by calling them a pest that comes to eat our crops. In olden times, there were no pesticides everything was organic, so there was no killing of these species but today we use deadly chemicals. Nature has not created pests, we did. Killing is there every moment indirectly.

How many times have we killed our conscience, our desires, and our honesty? How many I time we’ve killed someone’s trust? That’s also a form of killing. Vegetarianism is more of the mental process of life rather than just eating plants.

So, how can one be a pure vegetarian in this era? We are killing so much. So much violence around and poverty is the worst form of violence said Mahatma Gandhi, and we live in a country with deadly poverty.

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