Regressive Topic of Fairness In a Progressive Time

I think it’s a dirty communication to the women.  I mean, these advertisements are creating a divide in the mindset of people about women based on the color of their skin.

What can be dirtier? And the best part is that most men and women are promoting these dirty advertisements. These are the same people who also vote-up for gender equality and indiscrimination.

Neither the man nor the woman is trying to stop this completely. They make huge money out of this fairness business. 

In my limited knowledge, everyone is a partner of crime — the company that makes such a product, the media company who makes such advertisements and the people who buy such products.

I feel such a shame whenever I see a fairness advertisement. We’re demeaning and discriminating against humans based on the color of skin. And, then we say that we’re a cultured and civilized society.

I think we’re full of hypocrisy and then we blame and criticize others for everything. With such discrimination based on petty issues, are we seriously looking to stop rape, abuse, and other crimes related, especially, to women? Does the color of the skin matter? Does fair skin provide prosperity in life?

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