Social Media Addiction Is Killing You

social media addiction

The technology-driven society has paved the way for the CONSTANT CHECKER — those who check their emails, texts, and social media accounts continuously. It can take a toll not just on yourself, but on your relationships.

Social media addiction is dangerous. It’s slowly taking away the real value of what it means to connect.

Concerns have been raised about the undesirable impact of excessive use of social networking sites on the health and wellbeing of users. It can lead to addiction and divert the focus, especially in youngsters.

The internet has made the connection so easy that it’s taken for granted. In the past few years, social media has become one of the most influential tools of connectivity. But with power comes great responsibility.

We’re sometimes unaware of what are we doing. Almost like a subconscious thing, we’ve been addicted to social media.

Go outside, read a book, go for cycling, no matter what you do, just stop checking your accounts so frequently. Put your focus and attention on things that matter in life. Don’t let social media pull you into the spin of fake life. Focus on where you’re in the real world.

The internet is a wonderful thing.  It was designed for the free exchange of information, across borders and without boundaries. Technology should be used in making something useful not waste. We need to make better choices the way we use social media.

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