End of a Relationship Isn’t the End of Life

end of life

Ending a relationship is never easy because it ends a whole stage of your life where you’d someone to share your happiness, your sorrows, and your fears. 

Losing a relationship can elevate feelings of rejection and guilt. A broken heart and emotional pain can negatively affect physical and mental health.

The end of a relationship can turn your world and trigger a variety of emotions. Some people quickly accept the death of a relationship and move on. But others may deal with depression, anxiety, and withdrawal from friends and family.

It’s OK to be sad.

Let your emotions come through because they’re real. But don’t lurch in self-pity forever. Understand that there’ll be a process of getting over it. It could take a week, or a couple of months — depends on you. But here’s the thing — life goes on.

Whether you win the lottery, get married, lose your job, or have a breakup, days are going to keep happening. You could waste them, or you could own them.

Surround yourself with loved ones. Make sure your friends and family know what happened, and ask them to be a support system for you, to help you through this difficult time.

Life is about going after what you want, realizing what and who’s truly important and living each second to the fullest.

Life isn’t ending. Every day you wake up and there’s a new day with new people waiting for you to have new experiences.

Life has just begun.

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