7 Steps to Happiness

Achieving happiness is so much easier than we think. Check out these steps to happiness: Think less, feel moreFrown less, smile moreTalk less, listen moreJudge less, accept moreWatch less, do moreComplain less, appreciate moreFearless, love more These steps to happiness are possible, but you must follow them with intention. Don’t give up if you can’t … Continue reading 7 Steps to Happiness

What’s Compassion? Is It Good for You?

We live in a world missing in compassion. The sad reality of humanity is that the huge majority of people ignore the suffering of others. Perhaps many turn a blind eye for their survival. Witnessing the suffering of another person can induce the raw emotion of fear or sadness or repulsion. Too often, people are … Continue reading What’s Compassion? Is It Good for You?

Compassion Gives You Money and Time

Compassion is a word we often hear talked about when it comes to religion, but it isn't a word used often enough when it comes to discussing what makes a business successful. Compassion isn't religious business, it’s a human business. HH Dalai Lama Indeed, compassion helps leaders be successful, it helps employees become successful, and ultimately … Continue reading Compassion Gives You Money and Time

10 Tips to Help You Choose to Be Happy

Find the good and positive in every situation: This isn't difficult. In every situation, there must be something good, happy, or amusing. Why not focus on it? Your mind might drag you down, to think about negativity and difficulties, because that’s how it is accustomed to thinking. Don’t let it. Endeavor to change the way you … Continue reading 10 Tips to Help You Choose to Be Happy

Here’s How You Can Be Happy Like a Child

Have you ever noticed that children have happiness inside? They spend the majority of their days laughing, smiling, and just enjoying life. Wouldn’t it be great if you can be that happy like a child again? The good news is that you can. It may be hard to imagine because, after all, we as adults … Continue reading Here’s How You Can Be Happy Like a Child