Happiness Is Within You

happiness is within you

This is the problem! The capacity of the senses to enjoy is limited but the desire in the mind is unlimited. This inconsistency between wanting to enjoy and the ability to enjoy causes all sorts of ailments.

Bulimia is one such ailment. It’s only related to food but alike diseases can be related to all other senses as well. And this is what in one word you may call obsession.

You’re obsessed with something, though your ability to enjoy that’s limited. That’s where exceeding the five senses has a lot of meaning. When you exceed the five senses, you find the inner peace and inner joy. Then this craving of five senses subsides naturally and naturally.

The joy that comes from being still can’t be compared with anything. Then anything else becomes a botheration. It feels like things require too much effort and appear to be small than the joy that you gain from being still. You need to get used to that also. So, when you recognize this problem, then you’ve got to put your foot down and say “NO! This is enough!

All this only leads to one thing, that we want to be happier, more joyful, and we think that we can find it in those things — here meaning from sensory pleasures but it isn’t so. We need to go to the source of joy, the source of happiness and that can come only from within.

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