Here’s How You Can Be Happy Like a Child

happy like a child

Have you ever noticed that children have happiness inside? They spend the majority of their days laughing, smiling, and just enjoying life. Wouldn’t it be great if you can be that happy like a child again? The good news is that you can.

It may be hard to imagine because, after all, we as adults have responsibilities that children don’t have. We’ve got to go to work to earn a living so that our families are taken care of. We know things about the darker side of the world that they don’t so it’s understandable that we’d have a little more concern, worry, or fear than them, right?

While all of that’s certainly true that doesn’t mean that you have to live a life of dread and despair. If you accept a few childlike manners, you’ll have the same level of happiness as them.

  • Fully engage life: When you do something — do it with full interest. Don’t give it just a piece of your attention; give it all of it. If you watch a child do most anything you’ll see that they’re champion at this. Put down your phone, turn off the TV and radio and just do that one thing. It may be kind of refreshing to cut out some of the background noise and give your mind a break from going in several directions at the same time.
  • Leave the past, in the past: It’s hard to be happy when past events or situations haunt your present. Maybe you said or did something that you regret or you failed to take action when you should have. So, you beat yourself up day after day, not letting go because you feel like you need to punish yourself and remind yourself that you failed. Children don’t do this to themselves. Not only do they seem to have the ability to forget about the past, they often forget about what happened few minutes ago.
  • Don’t worry too much about the future: Just as the past seems to lack importance to children, so too does the future. Yes, as an adult you’ve to have a certain amount of focus on the future. You want to make sure that you and your family are set financially, that you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach at all times. But, you can do that without worrying too much about it.
  • Just be yourself: Children have a great knack for being who they are regardless of who is watching. That’s evidenced by the number of times you see them walking with a weird step just because it’s fun or jumping around like a crazy animal because they’re excited. What’s stopping you? So what others may think you’re a touch of crazy if you scream out of excitement when something positive happens or do a happy dance when you’re feeling giddy?
  • Say what’s on your mind: Yes, this one should probably come with a little disclaimer. Children are well-known for saying some things that are probably better left unsaid. It isn’t that they mean to be hurtful; it’s just that they don’t always realize the consequences of words. It may be as simple as paying others compliments when they come to mind. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first because you risk embarrassing yourself, but once you see the smile come across your face, it’ll become addictive and you’ll likely want to do it again and again.
  • Use your imagination: One of the great things about children is that it usually doesn’t take much to entertain them. Most of us know at least one child that had more fun playing with a box that contained a gift you got them more than the gift itself. As adults, we’re often stuck in reality. We feel that we have to close our imaginations off and focus on life as it is. However, when we do that, we tend to leave enjoyment behind. Reality is often a grim picture and it’s even worse when we’ve suddenly removed its color.

It isn’t bad to behave like a child at certain times. They often get the better end of the deal with all their happiness and zest for life. Let your inner child out and you can do the same. It’s dying to show you what life is all about.

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  1. Very apt. wonderful post. as we grow we gradually forget to laugh, to smile. we become too serious in life. but to see the little kids, observe their games and fun brings us back to life.
    do post such beautiful articles.

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